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"Thank you for the contribution your design and space-planning expertise has made for my 1957 Bowen Island family cottage.

I was amazed at the difference your space planning and reconfiguration of the family furniture made. The cottage is more spacious now, truly an upscale vacation rental offering.

The new furnishings and accessories you suggested are complementary to my grandmother Antonia’s paintings, and maintained the character and history of the cottage. The new flooring and bathroom renovations increased the overall sense of quality in the cottage.

At first it was challenging to accept your advice to remove furnishings such as the ancient draperies, sofa, and washing machine, but along with the rearrangement of the furniture, this greatly improved the comfort and ambiance.

I also want to acknowledge your work in managing the staging for the professional photographer, which generated photos that have attracted considerable attention to our property and contributed to high occupancy year round.

Many thanks once again, Jan, for your generous and expert support."

Charles McNeil

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