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Jan is currently providing vacation rental interior design services only.


If you are considering turning your home into a vacation rental or would like to re-imagine your current vacation rental, Jan can provide the vision for eye-catching and productive design solutions. A better look means more will book.

Feel free to be in touch regarding consultations, renovations, accessorization, and staging for photo shoots. With Jan Stevens Design, getting the results you desire from your vacation rental interior design is a certainty.


Jan Stevens Design is available for worldwide consultation virtually or on-site for vacation rental interior design. The consultation fee is $125.00 USD per hour, plus a daily rate if travel is required. Please contact Jan for a quote. She will be proud to bring her expertise to your valued home.


Before commencing with renovations of your vacation rental, a design consultation with Jan Stevens Design will ensure that all changes make practical and aesthetic sense, keeping simplicity and safety top of mind.


Jan will emphasize what works best for durability and ease of maintenance, without compromising a unique and enticing look. Her extensive and proven expertise will be an essential component to what makes your vacation home remodelling a success.​


Aesthetic details customized for your property will make all the difference in how your guests feel within its walls. From soft and hard furnishings, window treatments, lighting and more, Jan will work with you to ensure that your space exemplifies your guests’ sense of home.


To best market your vacation rental, staging for that perfect photo shoot is an invaluable service Jan Stevens Design provides. Your property will stand out from the hundreds of vacation rental offerings as a result of Jan's extensive experience with architectural photographers and staging. Her exquisite sense of style and top-notch staging skills will render a welcoming, lived in, clean, and professional impression. An added benefit is her trained eye for the bigger picture of framing the image for web and print.

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