Vacation Rental Interior Design

Jan Stevens Design specializes in vacation rental design by implementing sound design principles to create standout properties that are functional, practical, durable, easy to clean and most importantly, comfortable. 

Vacation rentals benefit from the touch of a professional designer. Eye-catching, well-designed decor stands out from the hundreds of choices a traveler may view while searching for their perfect holiday home.  Color and style trends come and go, and come back around again, so when design reflects a client's personal preferences and satisfies their needs, professionally designed interiors by Jan Stevens are timeless.

Your beloved home deserves the best design treatment so your guests can enjoy that wow feeling when stepping through the door for the first time. What will their first impression be? What will make your vacation rental memorable? 

Jan Stevens Design is available for various scopes of projects: design supervision, remote hourly consultation, on-site photo staging. The goal is to maximize inquiries and occupancy. 

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